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Covid-19 Has Impacted Us All

Covid-19 took us all by surprise and has had a significant and long term impact on many of our lives.

As you read this you may be concerned that you have had Covid-19 and yet weeks later you are still suffering from fatigue, shortness of breath, fever and/or headaches. This is in fact quite common – you may have Long Covid.

We Understand and Can Help Your Recovery

Our team of specialist Doctors are here to help you with your recovery so that you can get back to a new normal, whether you need:

  • Medical help to diagnose and treat your symptoms from Long Covid.
  • Psychological or psychiatric support.
  • Your journey to recovery starts with an assessment and diagnosis from our general practitioner.

    The start of a better healthcare experience

    We're changing the way you go to the doctor and have designed the Ingress Healthcare experience around your needs and your comfort.

    Find a medical practitioner instantly, for you or your family.

    Use our easy doctor search portal to find the care you need, filter your search by speciality, availability, and location.

    We are always within reach

    Not only are we accessible online 24/7, but we have over ten prime locations across the Cape Metropole area. They all offer a safe and friendly place to meet your doctor and feature state of the art medical technology to ensure that you receive expert treatment for you and your family.

    See your doctors availability in real-time.

    Use our online booking platform to book consultations instantly online, anytime - 24/7. Or simply send us a WhatsApp. Use whatever communication method works best for you. The amazing people behind our technology are eager to help you out.

    Never miss an appointment.

    Receive email and SMS reminders prior to the appointment - and if something changes, our team is here to help manage your appointment.

    Make informed decisions.

    Our team of doctors have been hand-picked, and we've provided you with profiles and up-to-date headshots that give you a better feel for our doctors. You will also find video interviews and testimonials -so you can take a good look before you book!

    Spend less time in the waiting room.

    All medical forms are completed before your appointment. All you do is arrive. Everything gets stored in your user area, so future appointments are even simpler.

    Explore our Specialist Units

    We’ve developed specialist units to support every phase of your life.

    Ingress Healthcare
    Covid-19 Recovery Unit
    Ingress Healthcare
    General Practice Unit

    Meet some of our doctors

    Ingress Healthcare
    Dr N Gqada | General Practitioner
    Ingress Healthcare
    Dr Kate Browde | Paediatrician
    Ingress Healthcare
    Dr Shalin Singh | Paediatric Surgeon
    Ingress Healthcare
    Dr Ilse Lategan | Paediatric GP
    Ingress Healthcare
    Dr Magula | Ingress Healthcare Psychiatrist

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