Three essential questions to ask yourself before changing your diet

16th Mar 2020
Ingress Healthcare

By Lize Van Der Merwe, Registered Dietician

Media messages about food and diet seem to change on a weekly basis. The reality is that nutrition research is published daily and brings new perspectives into the complex field of nutrition and health.

However, often these studies are challenging to interpret, due to the difficulty interpreting the evidence in the light of many other lifestyle factors (i.e. levels of stress, quality of sleep, genetics) impacting findings and often leaves researches and the general public with more questions than answers. To guide you through this complex maze of nutritional advice, here are three important questions to ask yourself before starting a new diet.

Is the diet sustainable?

Sustainability in diets is often overlooked and under appreciated. Firstly, you must ask yourself: can you follow the diet in the long run. The diet that works, is the one you can consistently follow over months and years.

This brings us to the next two questions.

Do I enjoy eating the foods included in this diet?

Palatability and enjoyment of food is key for following a diet in the long run. Food is a source of great sensory pleasure and including foods you enjoy and love on a daily or weekly basis, is a form of self-care. If you deprive yourself of your favourite foods, it will lead to a deprivation mindset, making those foods seem more desirable, which can lead to overeating or binging.

Is there flexibility in your plan?

Your diet should be adjustable in various social circumstances, visiting your favourite restaurants while travelling. As soon as you start turning down invites to social gatherings where meals will be served, you need to rethink your plan. Choose a diet which will adjust to your lifestyle and social calendar.

Finding the right diet for your lifestyle and your palate may seem like an impossible task.

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