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Dr Simon de Jager
FC Urol (SA),
MMed (UCT).
Melomed Bellville Private Hospital
Dr Simon de Jager
Dr Simon de Jager
MBChB (UP), FC Urol (SA), MMed (UCT).


Dr Simon de Jager hails originally from KwaZulu Natal. He completed his undergraduate training at Pretoria University in 2006. He then moved on to complete his two-year internship in the Pietermaritzberg Hospitals Complex in KwaZulu Natal, followed by his community service year in Kimberly Hospital in the Northern Cape.

Dr de Jager has a passion for urology that stems from his introduction to the field during his undergraduate training in Pretoria and, continued right though his internship and community service years where he would always elect for further exposure to this surgical discipline when given the opportunity.

His gravitation towards urology eventually lead him to the steps of Table Mountain where he was accepted into the University of Cape Town’s urology specialist training programme in 2013. With stringent requirements for acceptance, he spent several years and a couple of major exams in general surgery prior to this honour. He finished his specialist training at Groote Schuur Hospital in 2018 and chose to stay on longer with the faculty to further hone his surgical expertise until January 2020.

To this day he enjoys continued association with the UCT department of urology, where he lectures trainees, as well as government medicine, where he heads the Urology Departments at Eerste River Hospital and provides a urology consultant service to Western Cape Rehabilitation Centre. This continued commitment to the state steams from his desire to provide quality and cost-effective urological services to those who need it most.

When not working in state he makes himself available to run a modest private urology practice where his patients may benefit from his continued exposure to academia.

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