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Ingress Healthcare
Ingress Healthcare

The Acute Stroke and Brain Injury Unit is a Cape Town-based multidisciplinary medical practice with a team of specialised practitioners dedicated to the holistic care of stroke patients on the road to recovery.

Every hour, ten South Africans suffer a stroke, the vast majority being preventable1.

A stroke (a sudden interruption of blood supply to the brain2) can be a frightening event to endure, or have happened to a relative or loved one. Our specialist team, sensitive to this reality, is equipped to deal with every aspect of medical and psychosocial care for individuals who have suffered a stroke. The Specialised Stroke Unit uses a multidisciplinary team approach that ensures comprehensive management from the immediate medical treatment and necessary intervention, through to the rehabilitation process and prevention of future events.

We strive to restore your health for your best possible quality of life.

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