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Breast Cancer Unit

The Best Treatment For You

Being diagnosed with breast cancer can be the start of a stressful and traumatic journey.

It’s therefore good to know we have a team of specialists who meet and discuss your medical needs to ensure you get the best treatment plan on your road to recovery.

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Our Team Approach

Multidisciplinary treatment is medical care provided by a team of specialists from different disciplines, relevant to the treatment of breast cancer. The unit includes a breast surgeon, a medical oncologist, a radiation oncologist and a plastic surgeon.

In recognition of this highly stressful time, our clinical psychologist also provides guidance on techniques and supportive therapies to help patients and their families cope with the diagnosis and treatment.

Genetic counselling can also be made available upon the suggestion of the team.

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Our Team

The Breast Unit integrated care team includes:

  • -Breast and Endocrine surgeon, Dr Francois Malherbe
  • -Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Professor Donald Hudson
  • -Clinical Oncologist (medical and radiation oncologist), Dr Elizabeth Murray
  • -Clinical Psychologist, Dr Avril Cowlin

Genetic counsellors and occupational therapists can also be made available.

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Common benign breast conditions: Investigations and management by the general practitioner. Medical webinar presented by Dr Francois Malherbe.

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