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At the DDC we know that you want to make plans and start preparing the moment you see that little blue line. Waiting for your first appointment feels like an eternity only to realise you have an average of 10 visits in 40 weeks.

We know how important these visits are, but we also know that it is the time between visits that counts towards optimising your health and wellbeing so that you arrive at every appointment feeling confident and prepared.

Our motto is "The Right Information At The Right Time" and our focus is on guiding you every step of the way so that you can enjoy your pregnancy and feel confident about giving birth.

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  • The Due Date Club is an all-inclusive closed community online pregnancy program facilitated by Specialist Midwife Karen Wilmot. Membership circles are based on your due date and everyone in your circle is due in the same month which means you are all are experiencing the same changes, asking the same questions and needing the same information.
  • We realise that there is no “one size fits all” approach and our focus is on providing a balanced and holistic program that gives you the skills, confidence and support to make informed decisions and benefit from continuous birth preparation rather than a one-off class. Expect lifelong friendships to be formed as you interact through shared experience on your journey into motherhood.
  • Please note there is a monthly membership fee of R450,00 per month to join this programme.*30 Day cancellation policy.
Ingress Healthcare


• Get started the moment you find out you are pregnant.
• No need to wait until 28 weeks to take a birth preparation class.
• Stay one step ahead in your planning and preparation.
• The right information at the right time.
• Be part of a group who are all due at the same time as you.
• Make life long friends in a safe and supportive space.
• Immediate access.
• Read, listen and watch at your own pace in the comfort of your home.
• Holistic approach.
• Focus on health and wellbeing (not on all the things that can go wrong).
• Professional medical advice and answers within the group.
• Weekly updates and monthly live Q& A with Specialist Midwife Karen Wilmot and the Ingress Medical Team.
• Members-only discounts on pregnancy-related products and services.

Ingress Healthcare


• Complete the registration form on the Due Date Club website.
• Once you’ve successfully registered for the course, based on your expected due date, you will then be enrolled in the relevant online DDC group.
• Each month you will receive tips, audio guides, book recommendations, movie recommendations, talks from medical professionals and live Q&A sessions based on the phase of your pregnancy.
• A monthly debit order for R450,00 p/m will be set-up.No lock-in contract, just a simple 30 day cancellation period.


Ingress Healthcare

Month 1

Week 6 – 10

Plan your Pregnancy Timeline.

Get started immediately with your planning and preparation. Using the Timeline in your Personal Pregnancy Playbook you will map out the scans, tests and visits that you need while learning about common pregnancy discomforts and how to discern between normal and warning signs.

Ingress Healthcare

Month 2

Week 11 – 14

Pregnancy Diet and Nutrition

Dive deep into your health and wellbeing with our resident/team dietician who will show you how to include a balanced diet, what supplements you need, how much weight you can expect to gain and the importance of adapting your present exercise routine to become “birth fit”.

Ingress Healthcare

Month 3

Week 15 – 18

Anomaly Scan and Natures Safety Nets

Did you know that many of the discomforts of pregnancy are caused by safety nets that nature has put in place to protect you and your baby? Enjoy this fascinating insight into your amazing body which forms the building blocks of your birth preparation starting next month.

Ingress Healthcare

Month 4

Week 19 – 22

Mind Power and Hypnobirthing

You are almost halfway through your pregnancy!

To celebrate this milestone we will be diving deep into learning how to harness the power of your mind during birth. This is the essence of hypnobirthing and now is the time to get started. Please note that you will benefit from these practices even if you are having a surgical birth (planned or unplanned).


Ingress Healthcare

Month 5

Week 23 – 26

Pain Management in Labor At last!

It’s time to get serious with birth preparation and the first step is learning about pain. There is a big difference between pain and suffering and when you understand what causes the sensations of labour and know that you have both medical and non-medical options available, you will go into labour feeling confident and prepared.


Ingress Healthcare

Month 6

Week 27 – 30

The Stages of Labor in Real Life

Your birth preparation plans are starting to take shape and you are feeling confident and excited. This month you will learn all about what to expect during early, active and transition stages of labour and how to manage each stage with the tools you have been learning in the last months.

Ingress Healthcare

Month 7

Week 31 – 34

Hospital Interventions

You’re starting to think about what happens in the hospital so this month you will learn all about common hospital interventions (induction, augmentation, episiotomy and cesarian birth) so that you know why are they done and what you can do to avoid them unless medically necessary. Please note that you will still benefit from this information if you are having a home birth.

Ingress Healthcare

Month 8

Week 35 – 38

Hormones and Partner Support

The countdown has begun and no doubt you are experiencing Braxton Hicks and feeling the effects of hormonal changes in preparation for your baby to be born. Learn how your hormones work together to help you during labour and what you can do to optimise the effects.

Ingress Healthcare

Month 9

Week 39 – 42

Preparing to bring your Baby Home

You have learned everything you need to know about labour and birth so it’s time to shift your focus to your baby and essential tips for the first 6 weeks at home. We call this the Fourth Trimester and it brings your journey full circle as you step into your role as a mother and parent.

Ingress Healthcare

Karen Wilmot

Karen is a South African Registered Nurse and Midwife with a strong online presence as The Virtual Midwife. Her career has enabled her to work around the world in hospitals, homes and communities. She has an adventurous and entrepreneurial spirit and pioneered the first independent community prenatal program which led to her working with the Royal Family of Oman. Karen is delighted to be able to introduce this unique program in her home country, honouring birth as a rite of passage and weaving ancient knowledge into a holistic and balanced perspective while supporting the midwife model of care.


What happens in the event of pregnancy loss after signing up

The Due Date Club is exactly the place you want to be if you have a miscarriage. You will immediately be moved into a group of women who have recently experienced a similar loss so that you are surrounded with support during this difficult time. Midwife Karen and the team will guide your healing process by answering your questions and referring where necessary. This is not the time to be alone. Your pregnancy will continue as long as you require support.

Do I have to sign up for the whole pregnancy?

Membership is monthly and you can cancel at any time, however, the program is designed to support you at each stage of pregnancy, hence our motto "The Right Information at The Right Time" so that you are fully prepared and confident.

I am already 18 weeks pregnant - is it too late to join?

While we recommend joining early to get the full benefit of the program, you will be placed into the group of your due month where everyone is at the same stage as you. You will have access to all the videos and sessions that you missed (which you can work through in your own time) but the real benefit lies in being able to participate in time-specific activities that the Due Date Club offers and get the answers you need about what to expect at 18 weeks and what you need to know about this time.

I have a high risk pregnancy - can I still join?

Absolutely! The focus of the program is on guiding you to optimise health and wellbeing which is even more pertinent if you have a high-risk pregnancy.

I had IVF and have been told I will need a cesarian birth - is this program for me?

Definitely! Birth only happens at the end of your pregnancy and is the bridge on the continuum to motherhood. Prepare to be fascinated by your amazing body and be guided to connect with your unborn baby as your pregnancy progresses.

Is the focus on natural birth?

The program is designed to give you all the information you need to make the right choice for you and your partner (and your baby) whether that is natural birth or surgical birth. You will be guided to ask questions and understand the implications of the choices that are available. The course is balanced and holistic and provides you with medical options as well as alternative and
complementary therapies.

Is hypnobirthing included in the program?

Yes. In week 19 - 24 of the program you will be introduced to the principles of hypnobirthing and learn how to harness the power of your mind. You will learn various visualisation, breathing and relaxation practices and be guided on how to include them in your preparation over the next weeks to get the full benefit.

I am having an elective cesarian, do I still need this?

Your birth is a moment in time. You are still pregnant for 9 months and you will still experience the same highs, lows and challenges. You will still need to optimise your health and wellbeing and prepare for the changes that come with your baby. Absolutely you need it.

What makes this program different?

The current technocratic, policy-based system does not support or encourage you to be actively involved in decisions that directly influence your health and the health of your baby. This program seeks to restore the balance and equip you with the skills and confidence to be an active participant in this major life event. Understanding that pregnancy and birth have a lifelong impact and are bound to sexuality, fertility and the ability to parent with confidence.

What happens after the birth of my baby?

By this time you will have formed deep friendships within the group and you will have the option to renew your membership to have continued professional support with The Right Information at The Right Time. Every week with your newborn brings a new challenge and you will be guided through feeding, sleeping and everything in between by Midwife Karen and her team of postpartum specialists.

Ingress Healthcare


Use the below form to register for the programme and set up your monthly membership subscription at a fee of R450,00 per month. Please see the payment terms and conditions for more detail. Enrolment is encouraged as soon as pregnancy has been confirmed (6 weeks +). There is no limit on when you can join the programme, but to make full use of the benefits of the programme the earlier you join the better.
  • Patient Terms and Conditions
  • Payment Terms and Conditions
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Do you need more information before registering? Send us your contact details and we'll get back to you.

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