Patient terms & conditions

I hereby confirm that I understand the following to be the terms and conditions of me receiving health care services from the selected practitioner (“the Doctor”), which terms and conditions I accept and agree to:


  1. I consent to the Doctor, the Doctor’s staff and third parties appointed by the Doctor accessing and processing my personal information and personal confidential medical information for the purposes of rendering health care services to me and billing me for such services. This includes the transmission of such information to my Medical Aid Scheme (if I have one), including ICD-10 Codes (codes that are sent to Medical Schemes for billing purposes which include information on a patient’s condition, what treatment they received and so on).


  1. I will receive one or more invoices for the services rendered by the Doctor. Although I may request that such invoices are sent to my Medical Aid Scheme directly for processing, I understand that I will be personally liable for payment of the invoices. Payment of these invoices must be made within 30 (thirty) calendar days of them being presented to me.


  1. The Doctor may charge me fees that are higher than what my Medical Aid Scheme may pay for. In that event I will still be personally liable to pay any amount that my Medical Aid Scheme does not pay on my behalf.


  1. I may be charged for appointments with the Doctor that I miss or do not attend. I am responsible for modifying or cancelling any booking 24 hours before the consultation.


  1. Where I am acting on behalf of a minor person (a child below the age of 18) in making use of the services of the Doctor, I confirm and warrant that I am either the natural guardian (parent) or legal guardian (legally appointed to be responsible for the child) and have the authority to act on behalf of the child.


  1. I may consult the Doctor in person or virtually. In regards to virtual consultations:
  • I understand that the laws that protect the privacy and the confidentiality of medical information also apply to Telehealth and that no information obtained in the use of Telehealth, which identifies me, will be disclosed without my consent.
  • I understand that I have the right to withhold or withdraw my consent to the use of Telehealth in the course of my care at any time, without affecting my right to future care or treatment.
  • I understand that there are alternatives to Telehealth consultations, and in choosing to participate in a Telehealth consultation, I am aware that a Telehealth consultation will not include a direct physical examination or physical treatment.
  • I understand that Telehealth may involve electronic communication of my personal medical information to other medical practitioners who may be located in other areas, should I agree to be referred to them.
  • I understand that I may expect the anticipated benefits from the use of Telehealth in my care, but that no results can be guaranteed.
  • I understand that my basic healthcare information may be shared with other individuals for scheduling and billing purposes.
  • I understand that I will be billed for this service directly.
  1. I confirm the Doctor’s invoices may be sent to my personal e-mail address which I have provided. I take responsibility to inform the Doctor should my e-mail address change


  1. I confirm the Doctor may contact me on my personal cell phone or telephone number which I have provided. I take responsibility to inform the Doctor should my cell phone or telephone number change.


  1. I confirm legal notices may be delivered to my physical address which I have provided. I take responsibility to inform the Doctor should my physical address change.

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